Clothing and Equipment Guidelines


In the 6th Virginia we wish to maintain a high standard of authenticity while portraying our forefathers. Please consider the following when looking to join our unit. 


 Best:  Hand stitched, checked, striped or white linen. 

 Acceptable : Machine stitched, hand stitched where visible, checked, striped or white linen. 

 Unacceptable : Cotton, Calico, Plaid, Flower pattern, polyester etc...


Best : Silk or Cotton neckerchiefs, Linen neck stocks 

Acceptable : Machine hemmed neckerchiefs 

Unacceptable : Modern neckerchiefs, leather neck stocks 


Best : White, Gray wool yarn, worsted. Stitched up the back

Acceptable : White, Gray, Black, Brown, Blue stockings of wool or cotton.

Unacceptable : Polyester stockings, blends.


 Best : Hand finished shoes, buckle or tied, round toe.

 Acceptable : Machine stitched, black buckle or tied, high-lows.

 Unacceptable : Modern shoes, modern moccasins, Civil War Bootees, riding boots (accept for Officers in some cases)

 Hats and Caps 

 Best : Hand finished, black wool, beaver felt, round hat with 2 inch brim, button on the side with loop and cockade.

 Acceptable : Civilian broad brimmed hat, cocked hat, monmouth cap, knit cap.

 Unacceptable : Straw hats, voyager caps with tassel, fur hats (ie coonskin caps etc.)

 Jackets and Waistcoats 

 Best : Hand stitched, Hunting shirt split in the front with red cuffs of madder red. Jackets of  Broadcloth wool, of solid colors, Linen, Lindsey-Woolsey and well fitted.
Well fitted clothing 

 Acceptable : Machine sewn and hand stitched where visible, broadcloth wool solid colors, Linen, Linsey woolsey and well fitted.

 Unacceptable : Ill fitting, baggy waistcoats and jackets.

Breeches and Trousers

Best : Hand stitched fall front breeches or trousers of linen, broadcloth wool or brain tanned leather, well fitted.

 Acceptable : Machine stitched with hand finishing where visible using linen, broadcloth wool or brain tanned leather, well fitted.

 Unacceptable : Baggy, loose fitting breeches or trousers.


 Best : Hand stitched, Wool leggings of blue or green.

 Acceptable : Hand stitched, wool or brain tanned leggings.

 Unacceptable : Baggy, ill fitting leggings, machine sewn.

 Cartridge Pouches 

 Best : Early war pouches of black leather on a sling made of leather or linen webbing. Leather shot pouches.

 Acceptable : Small belly box or nothing. Use leather shot pouch.

 Unacceptable : british issue boxes


 Best : Plain horns, no powder (for safety) with leather straps.

 Acceptable : No horn

 Unacceptable : horns with powder, native style straps.


 Best : Kings musket 1st or 2nd model brown bess. Civilian Fouler, Dutch musket.

 Acceptable : Virginia style rifle.

 Unacceptable : Percussion rifles, jaeger rifles

 Side Arms 

 Best : Shoulder or waist belt bayonet.

 Acceptable : Small Hatchet carried in the knapsack, none.

 Unacceptable : Unsheathed belt axes, tomahawks or knives, pistols.


 Best : Warner pack, Uhl converted haversack, market wallet or tumpline blanket roll.

 Acceptable : Snap-sack

 Unacceptable : Haversacks, british knapsacks


 Best :  Home-spun, center seam 2-3 point blanket, white with blue or red stripes at the ends.

 Acceptable : Plain white or hudson bay blankets.

 Unacceptable : Civil War gray blankets, WW1 or 2 army blankets.

Approved Sutlers


 Burnley and Trowbridge
 96 District
 William Booth, Draper


 Best : Robert Land shoes., Buckles from Burnley and Trowbridge

 Acceptable : Taylor Rose Historical OutfittersFugawee


 Best : Track of the Wolf kit or approved private gun maker

 Acceptable : Loyalist Arms 

 Accoutrements (cartridge boxes, knapsacks, hunting pouches etc)

 Best : Andrew Watson Kirk, Stuart Lillie, David Book (contact Jake Book)

 Acceptable : Minute Man Armoury



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